Citroen 2CV hydrogen by 2025?

A Parisian touring company specializing in the Citroën 2CV, 4 wheels under one canopy is taking a new direction. TPE is seeking to expand its activities in the provinces, and plans to launch the first hydrogen 2CV by 2025.

Hydrogen 2CV … If the project is not yet in Chevron brand cartons, the company 4 wheels under one canopy Very interested in the topic. This specialized VSE machine was launched on 2CV sightseeing tours in 2003 and was recently purchased by two entrepreneurs, Emmanuel Mounier and Romain Jouhaud, who want to expand the concept.

« We have the ambition to relaunch and re-brand the concept of 2CV group gatherings and tours throughout France. ‘, referred to daily reverberation Roman Jahoud, the new CEO of the company. New institutions are planned to be established by 2024 in the Basque Country, Lyon and Aix-en-Provence.

Citroen 2C in hydrogen with a range of 250 km

In terms of innovation, buyers will continue the momentum driven by the historical founders. After launching the first electric version in 2015 and then in 2016, a 2CV biogasHydrogen fits the following four wheels for one canopy target.

According to buyers, This futuristic hydrogen Citroën 2CV can provide 200 to 250 km of autonomy. Which offers more possibilities for tourist walking than the electric version with batteries, which is limited to 110 kilometers on a charge.

However, it will be necessary to wait before seeing the first 2CV with hydrogen merging the width of 4 wheels under one canopy. The release of the first model is not expected by 2025.

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