Final Fantasy XVI: Will not be shown at Tokyo Game Show 2021.

Final Fantasy XVI is unlikely to be shown at Tokyo Game Show 2021. Final Fantasy 16 came up with an interview with Naoki Yoshida and Yoko Taro during the 14-hour Final Fantasy XIV Stream Marathon.

Final Fantasy XVI wasn’t in TGS 2021

It was said that the development team would like to show something about Tokyo Game Show Will beHowever, Yoshida will not want to make important announcements until the game is in a more playable state. However, this will likely not work by TGS 2021, which will take place on September 30, 2021.

After consulting with the team and game director Hiroshi Takai, it was decided that they would prefer one of them Make a larger ad with a lot of information instead of several smaller ads with less information to announce.

Yoshida assures him that he is really serious, so that people won’t think this is just for the purpose of providing new information as a surprise. (This statement probably comes from the fact that Yoshida initially denied that he would work on the project.)

These statements were translated by Twitter user @aitaikimochi:

Yoko Taro and Saito joked with Yoshi-P that it would be a legendary level if Final Fantasy 16 didn’t show at Tokyo Game Show 2021.

Then Yoshi-P said he would like Final Fantasy XVI to be available relatively soon after the next big new announcement.

Here is the video with the English subscribers from me:

those: Twitter @aitaikimochi

Current development status

In this conversation we learn more about the current state of Final Fantasy XVI development, even if the development team (Business Unit III) is unable to show things off at TGS 2021, it has been revealed that the project good development Manufacture.

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Among other things, you have already completed the main scenario of the game, which means that the main story and scenario is also ready. In addition, the synchronization of the audio output in English is almost complete.

Final Fantasy XVI Trailer Trailer

Final Fantasy XVI It is a Single-player RPG being developed for PlayStation 5. Age rating is pending. No date yet.

those: siliconera

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