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An unspecified number of arcades making video games and driving simulators available to customers were shut down on Friday by agents of the Excise, Customs and Monopoly Agency (ADM) over allegations that they were unfairly competing with theaters. Places of interest have become widespread in recent years, offering payments for workstations with PCs and consoles, where you can play a variety of games, fight video games at the driving and competitive level. Fortnight, Call of Duty Or FIFAAnd are technically called “LAN rooms” (from the local area network).

Bergamo’s eSportPalace is one of these, and ADM posted a video on Instagram showing the seals placed by the agents, in which a manager declares that “all LAN rooms in Italy are no more”. It is not really clear what will happen now, it is not clear if all Italian cinemas will be banned, but we do know why; Exposed Presented by Sergio Milesi, a businessman who owns Presia, a company that manages a series of arcades and bowling alleys in Italy.

The complaint alleges that LAN rooms, for a fee, theoretically compete with video games sold for playing at home, with licenses, approvals, and tax arcades for other types of video games. He asks ADM to check whether the rules regarding “gift-free entertainment machines” are respected, which essentially controls how devices and software in this type of arcade should look.

An example of a LAN room driving simulator and its own games room simulator is attached in the complaint, “Our company is obligated to approve the responsible systems by compliance with the rules, making it more cost effective, and then allowing it. Installation and use on premises dedicated to legal gaming. Interviewed From the special site AkimekMilesi said: “Our devices are subject to numerous tests, and authorization to trigger a seizure is sufficient, but not all of these actions are required to comply with these procedures. We ask ADM to clarify that.

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AIADMK released on Tuesday A circular Owners of LAN rooms are invited to confirm that their devices are “synchronized / certified, with authorized titles, and subject to entertainment tax (ISI)”. The deadline is Saturday, April 30th.

In a video released by eSportPalace of Bergamo, it is said that even video games available on devices in electronics stores are no longer legal, nor are video game exhibitions: at the moment there really seem to be no components. To say that it really is like this. It is not even known how long the abduction will last.

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