New and advanced mobile command center for SPVM

From now on, the Montreal City Police Department (SPVM) will be able to rely on a modern mobile command center to conduct its investigations.

SPVM’s latest acquisition is equipped with “critical technologies” such as drones.

The Metropolitan Police Force frequently uses its mobile command post. According to Sebastien Chartier, SPVM’s Group Commander and Chief of Tactical Intervention (GTI), the device is deployed on average every two days.

“He’ll go out for all the big events, he can go out for disappearances, he can go out for any event that requires a lot of speakers,” he explains.

Mr. Chartier also points out that the new machine can be recalled every day.

In the field, the mobile command post is an important tool for the police.

“(It allows us) a place where everyone can coordinate quickly and work well. When we talk about major events, it saves a lot of time and allows us to work in a really efficient way. It is essential to have that in the big files so you can move forward,” explains Sebastien Chartier. “.

The latter believes that the time saved by the driving position can “save lives”.

Watch the video above for a guided tour of the car

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