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Clubhouse creators can now receive money from their listeners.

so Clubhouse voice chat app is currently popular also, the hype surrounding the social media miracle from USA can quickly come to an end. If users see enough of the app – they’ve likely heard enough in the Clubhouse – and the initial boom passes, the developers behind the project must act. If this does not happen, there is a risk of expiration. Clubhouse operators know this and are now giving the app a payment function with which to send money to initiators (called “the creators”) for voice chats. Goal: Creative people should be able to make money more easily and thus have a special incentive to do a live broadcast.

The Club: How to send money

In order to be able to offer the new functionality, club operators are working with payment service provider Stripe. First you need to leave a credit or debit card in the Clubhouse. Once you’ve done that, all you have to do is call the respective Creator’s profile and hit the Pay button at the bottom of the screen. Finally, enter the amount that you want to submit to your favorite podcast. Clubhouse pledges that all payments – except for Stripe’s “low card processing fees” – will go to Creator immediately.

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Push function: start planning nationwide

Want to give your favorite podcast a little gift right away, but haven’t seen the button you need yet? Don’t worry: you are not alone. The payment voucher is currently still limited to a small “test kit”, but according to the club, it should be expanded gradually. Only sending money is already available nationwide.

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