The Dreamcast’s Castlevania Resurrection comes from beyond the grave!

Laurent Combi once again revealed the Holy Grail by providing photo and video evidence of Castlevania: Resurrection on SEGA Dreamcast!

Written by Frederick Gechter
Tuesday 6 April 2021

Laurent Combi Thought to bump into him one day. He might not be on the GD-R, but he would have imagined spotting it in the bowels of the development kit instead. Today, what he posts on Twitter and his site is one of the greatest discoveries of the year, as it provides us with photo and video evidence of a prototype. Castelvania Dreamcast. This game was originally announced by Konami in 1999 and was supposed to be a launch title for Sega Dreamcast until it was postponed, after which it was canceled in the 2000s.

With the permission of the owner of this demo prior to E3, Laurent was able to unveil many facts about this title that many believed were lost forever when it was only revealed to the press, in closed circuit, in a partially playable version.

The story of this 3D game was going to take place in 1666, and the plot revolved around a meeting And the winner is Sonya Belmont Because of time travel. Only, due to lack of confidence in me Konami Toward Dreamcast, the project has been abandoned, which is anyway what the art director tells us Greg Ordoyan.

This prototype is very early beta: it offers 5 major combat environments. Most of the areas are not connected to each other and can be accessed through the Start menu, except for those that do not appear to be loaded. Early construction.

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The person who owns this prototype has yet to reveal their intentions for a possible release of the game, so let’s content ourselves for the time being with the photo and video I suggest you discover.

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