CMMS-connected digital vessel: bringing together teams, equipment and remote operations

Virtual reality enables remote 360-degree tours of ships or industrial buildings, so teams can collaborate from the same visual warehouse without any geographic barrier. Thanks to the ship’s documented and interactive replica, technical visits, crew training and site preparations are made easier: no need to wait for the boat to dock, or comply with strict safety instructions. Everyone connects to the same visual interface, and has 24/7 access to the ultra-realistic environment captured in the field.

Let’s see how your ship’s immersive virtual tour can easily connect to operating data, in order to gain responsiveness, reliability and traceability.

View the tool’s presentation on the free web program:

Visit, find out and analyze all the information remotely and at a glance

First, the digital platform VIS-On©, developed by SBS Interactive, reproduces the digital twin of compact formulations of:

  • 360 degree photos inside the building
  • 360 degree laser scanning to take action;
  • 2D panoramic views Like the exterior of a building;
  • aerial views location captured with a drone;
  • CAD plans and opinions which can be documented and used as the basis for virtual navigation.

The virtual version can be enriched independently by the user, with any type of multimedia content: photos, videos, PDF documents, Internet links, buttons for interacting with internal information systems, etc.

Thus, it becomes possible to view inside the boat, to understand the space without even moving, to inspect the premises and equipment, while at the same time having access to technical documentation and operating procedures. But now you can go further, and Connect your IoT data streams and your internal CMMS or GeD interfaces, right in the virtual tour.

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A digital twin connected to IoT and CMMS interfaces

VIS-On . Virtualization Software© Paired with “What is What” developed by WIW: the collaborative platform for interaction and help experience. Thus, what is it that collects the various digital data (communication between machines, images, operator input, digital forms, exchanges between employees … whatever shapes, shapes, sources and purposes) and puts it at the service of your industrial performance, by having a dynamic view of the activities. And because ” A good drawing is better than a long talk » VIS-On allows teams to do just that Create a permanent visual link between fixtures, data, and documentation.

A 4.0 solution that facilitates site maintenance and setup: you can submit direct job requests or take telemetry with a single click on panoramic images. VIS-On integrates the universal .E57 format in order to adapt to all commercial scanners.

Tangible benefits for all your teams:

  • time saving ;
  • real time control;
  • common vision and common understanding;
  • reliability of standards
  • simplify du reports;
  • Alerts and watch.

Deconstruct, share and operate with ease: a true asset for the maritime sector

Simple and convenient, deployed as a SaaS platform or on your intranets, completely secure and protected, this solution has been in use for over 10 years with historical partners such as Naval Group, Orano (Nuclear) or the National Naval School.

With VIS-On, organize, consult and share all your information and dynamic operating data in your ship’s digital twin :

  • public documents in all forms;
  • 2D, 3D plans,
  • photos, videos and training lessons;
  • Real-time information from IoTs and PLCs;
  • ERP, GTC and MES connectivity;
  • operator procedures and intervention reports;
  • interactions with the outside world, interference tickets;
  • Geolocation…
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The link between the visual image generated by the digital twin and the dynamic data of What is What

The link between the visual image generated by the digital twin and the dynamic data of What is What

  • Click on the demonstration video of VIS-On© :

For any information or demonstration, contact Simon DUBOIS, Chief Operating Officer, SBS Interactive: [email protected]

or go to the site:

This published information is brought to you by SBS INTERACTIVE

This published information is brought to you by SBS INTERACTIVE

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