Columiere. Sarout: “The game requires more passion and determination”

Julian Sarrot admits that players lack grit. The coach expects more before SUA receives the last game of the regular phase.

Can we explain this defeat at Borg en Press by the extra spirit of USBPA, engaged in the fight to preserve it?

In light of the results certainly. There was a little extra spirit in this team that was bent on staying. For our part, we didn’t know how to cause the right bounces. We lacked efficiency in our chances. We were saved and we lost the match on the ground and the kick game. We played a lot in our camp.

Offensively, we had a feeling that Colomier did not have a clear chance to score, with the exception of the ball carried by Youssef Saidia. What is your opinion in this?

Despite everything, we had some interesting sequences, but without making the right gestures. Perhaps, in fact, because there was this extra spirit in the foreground. And I don’t like to say that. The rugby I love, which should stick to the skin of rugby, is that no matter the stakes, we should play all matches with the same determination.

Was Thomas Gerrard’s absence detrimental to the occupation, an area where the Columiers hunt?

I do not want to mourn the absent. But it’s a fact: We weren’t effective or significant in the occupation kick game. it’s the truth. Now, we have to be more effective and efficient on Thursday night. But only. We lacked enthusiasm and enthusiasm in our artistic gestures. The difference is not only in technical correctness but also in conviction. Even if you did not have to throw everything away, there were pleasant moments, which were not enough. We can’t deny the fact that we scored 35 points when we had the opportunity to write a different story. I am disappointed but determined.

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What was your message for the last match against Agen?

I am disappointed with the result. I’m expecting something else Thursday evening. We were right defensively, in the right place, but the game requires more passion, determination and more desire. I want to see hungry players. I want to see rugby made with passion. We missed a few things of this kind in Bourg-en-Bresse. We will prepare to show another face. This is what I personally expect. I will prepare myself and expect the players to do the same and prepare for this deadline.

Do you regret when you finished fourth with the defeat to Nevers?

I want to become the master of our destiny. With a loss, we are no longer in fourth place, but we are still in the qualifying position. We may stick to this goal at all costs.

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