Columiere. SubAbysse, the Colomerie role-playing game at Alchimie du jeu

From Friday May 6 to Sunday May 8, the Club Loisirs Léo Lagrange de Colomiers will be held at MEET in Osun, on the occasion of the Alchimie du jeu festival in Toulouse: the chess department and game keepers will have fun playing and let all the amateurs play there! Columérin Yan Bourget, former president and still a member of Guardians of the Game, will also present the 30th Anniversary Edition of the tabletop role-playing game: “Subabysse”.

“I’ve been working on this game since 1991 and have made several ‘amateur’ versions of it. This is the second ‘professional’ version of the game. I sold it in France of course, but also in Switzerland. In Belgium, where there are a lot of ‘fans’. By the way, In Quebec too! It’s a very beautiful game, and aesthetic, with a cover and screen signed by illustrious photographer Simone Labrousse!”

Subabysse portends a world our grandchildren might know: on a planet almost covered by oceans, 30 characters forced to live underwater face multiple trials. Each player chooses his character, with his characteristics, qualities, flaws, levels of performance in various areas, etc. The game master writes his scenario, players must act/respond according to their abilities to face the situations he puts them in. “You have to know how to improvise: it’s a lot like theater,” Yan comments. “It’s a cooperative game, with figurines, plans and dice (up to 10 faces). The game lasts at least 4 hours, but can last for years if the character does not die!”

He continues, “In France, there are about 100,000 players who have played roles. We are far from a million in the United States, where the first game came out in 1974.”

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In any case, his new set of Subabysse scenarios, published at the end of 2021, “worked very well”. Amateur notice!

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