Company leaders did not respond to the allegations in any particular order –

Is there Confusion In between Senior executives From Functional blizzard Regarding how the California State Agency, California Department of Fair Employment and Housing responds to allegations of misconduct and discrimination against corporate workers in the workplace.

The whole affair puts the group in trouble, which has already met with many Public retaliation Such as a sit-in inside the World of Warcraft or the cancellation of certain promotional events related to the Blizzard game. There are many employees and ex-employees who have publicly expressed solidarity with abused women.

Depending on the situation, it is appropriate for some Activation blizzard executives to send messages to all employees to provide their vision, but without keeping a common line.

For example the head of a blizzard, J. Alan Brock, Wrote that the behaviors described in the case were unacceptable, that any kind of persecution could not be tolerated, and that it guarantees everyone the freedom to express themselves without fear of retaliation. He then called the victims of harassment or discrimination to contact himself to resolve the issue.

Rob Gostich, The head of activation, wrote a message to the staff, saying the allegations were disturbing and that the described behaviors did not reflect the values ​​of activation.

Neither message confirms what was written in the case, but both go in the same direction of assurance to employees.

But then came the news Fran Townsend, Mix the cards and create some confusion, the Chief Compliance Office of the Functional Blizzard. The executive attacked the lawsuit, claiming that it gives the company a distorted view because it tells old, out-of-context and really distorted stories. According to him, some of the events reported are more than ten years old.

Townsend later described his experience with the Activision blizzard, in which he spent about four months, and how he found a company that was ready to welcome him and grow it. He recalled the efforts of multinational corporations to promote the woman Diversity AndContent He concluded by defining reason without incompetence and irresponsibility.

According to Bloomberg ‘s Jason Schreier, who first shared Downsent’s news online, some Activision blizzard employees are angry at what he wrote. To many it seemed like a genuine denial of the issue, meanwhile the testimony of former employees has grown, confirming the allegations they have collected World of Warcraft Supremacist.

Veronica Tucker

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