Computer Aided Music, “The True Extension of My Mind” by Victor Delacourt Chaumontes

Victor Delacourt, aka Karasu MerodiHe is a young electronic music composer. By the age of 17, he had already created about thirty sounds using his computer. Now he hopes his work gets noticed to take the next step.

In recent years, much of MAO’s musical production has been composed: Computer Aided Music. By definition, computer use is at the heart of work production, whether amateur or professional.

Victor Delacourt is 17 years old. Chaumont, a high school student at Bouchardon, is a young independent artist thriving artistically at MAO. Digital creativity is endless to find your style. “I always look for my own distinct voice that might catch the attention of producers or production companies,” explains the young DJ. For him, it is clear that the music he wants to create is EDM (electronic dance music). For example we dance it in nightclubs.

Thus, a little over four years ago, the desire and passion for this style of music came to him after listening to Martin Garrix’s “Animals”. “He is a model, both in music and in life. His first sounds were very heavy. But over time, he was able to hone his music and breathe new life into the great room.”

To complete his music, Victor recorded some guitar notes.

This subgenre of electro music is characterized by changes in rhythm and atmosphere in the same piece. The goal of DJs is to play on the emotions of the audience, almost to control them, with rhythmic ups and downs, separated by elaborate intervals. The cheerful melodies lead upward before contrasting dramatically with the heavier, heavier drops.

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crow music

In his room, sitting at his desk, in front of his computer, and headphones on, Victor is working and refining the tune that came to his mind a few days ago. The person is also nicknamed Karasu Merodi (“Crow’s Melody”, in Japanese) He has “some concepts of music theory, because I played drums at the age of five. For the rest, I work a lot by ear and learned the basics of my program via Youtube videos.”

After composing a few chords on a virtual piano to accompany his melody in a more elaborate setting, the DJ adds his own rhythm. It pays special attention to its “layering”, that is, the overlay of similar sound samples on the same tape, which contributes to its richness.

“We go there by trial and error. The first sounds I created really hurt my ears,” Karasu-Mrodi smiles. Today I have about thirty pieces. I’m really trying to explore all kinds of EDM, where I can nurture my future creations from others in more complex and less repetitive ways. »

joffrey do you want

Karasu Merodi & Krysteq – Go Away

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