PS5: The cult ‘Max Payne’ saga coming soon to console!

Rockstar just announced some very good news. The Max Payne franchise may be coming back to PS5 soon.

In 2001 the first part of Max Payne was born. Since then, many fans have been hoping to return to this epic that so fascinated them so much. Good news, PS5 remakes could be landing in the coming months. More information to discover in the following lines.

What will come next

But before talking about Max Payne, we can also talk about the expected developments for the coming months or even years. As you can imagine, these are numerous. The majority may be pleased.

Starting with Fortnite. No, a new update is not planned yet, although it should still happen. In fact, since Epic Games’ battle royale was a huge success, the studio has continued to bring in more and more content.

Like zero build mode for example. A new situation raises controversy. Because that is the essence of the popular multiplayer game. However, Epic Games wants to stay in this mode for now.

Especially since a “no constructions” version of the World Cup is being prepared. This allows more players to try their luck and use their shooting skills, not just building.

Another expected novelty for the PS5, PSVR Headset 2 . Arrival. But this should not immediately see the light of day. It is still being conceptualized and designed, and what its final performance will be has yet to be decided.

Because new patents have been filed recently. The patents in question completely changed the design we knew of the iconic helmet. It remains to be seen if this is really the final project or not.

PS5: The cult ‘Max Payne’ saga coming soon to console!

Max Payne is back on PS5

But we can still wait before discovering the new VR headset. So be patient, we can devote ourselves to already released games, or upcoming games. By the way, if you don’t know, a The new horror game can see the light of day.

This project aims to compete with Resident Evil on PS5. But we’ll have to make sure because the bar is really high in terms of shocking quality with a Capcom title. Those who do not find themselves fans of horror can always wait for Max Payne.

In fact, as we told you above, the cult saga will soon return to the Sony console. On the other hand, these are not new titles but a “simple” remake according to Information from our colleagues at IphoneSoft.

Rockstar Games co-founder Sam Houser has provided more information on this topic. First of all he says: “We were thrilled when our old friends at Remedy approached us. A remake of the original Max Payne games ».

Before adding: “We are so impressed with the work the Remedy team has created over the years and can’t wait to play these new releases”. You still have to be patient for these new games to be in your hands.

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