“Computer music was a real independence for me”

At the dawn of her departure on a tour that makes her seal with impatience, on Thursday, La Grande Sophie was the guest of the program “Media Culture”. “Du courage” singer-songwriter Philip Vandel explains the importance of computer-assisted music in her career as a singer-songwriter.


You don’t have to be an electronic music artist to use computer music. La Grande Sophie is proof of that Thursday at Philip Vandel’s microphone in media culture. “Computer music started a long time ago,” the singer recalls, just days before leaving for a few tours where she will bring her debut album to life on stage. this moment. “I knew the first motherboards were bugging all the time.”

Despite technical difficulties at first, computer music helped La Grande Sophie, especially in recording studios. “I, who did not go to the conservatory, was allowed to talk to the musicians,” the musician appreciated. “I’d do my models myself on the computer, and then show them what I wanted to score and improve with them. It’s really a form of independence for me.”

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This passion for computers, La Grande Sophie is fortunate enough to be able to share it with her husband, the computer scientist. “He was the one who introduced me to this,” says the singer-songwriter. “He likes screwing things in when it’s hard to screw in. And I, as soon as I hear a sound, do something with it. So we are very integrated.”

Computer-assisted music also enables La Grande Sophie to undertake other musical projects, in particular composition for television. “I work a lot with director Arnaud Mercader. I made five TV movies with him. And I love it,” she rejoices. “It’s like my cocoon where I lock myself up, doing all this on my own at home.”

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