Tools to promote San Giovanni. They leave the village on Thursday

Initiatives to know and rediscover the inner city


San Giovanni in Marignano
| 15:38 – 01 July 2021

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The sea and the hinterland meet in San Giovanni: also this summer the Amisano Federation will accompany groups of tourists every Thursday to discover Granaio dei Malatesta.

They leave like this Thursday in the village: evenings of amusement and roads in the center of San Giovanni for tourists and visitors.

San Giovanni has many opportunities to learn and rediscover: history, sports, culture, food and wine and Aps Pro Loco volunteers are ready to tell, but also to entertain young and old.
Indeed, this evening it will be possible to attend a children’s book presentation.
At 21.00 in Piazza Silvagni, Camila Murgia’s “Sheep on the Moon” lab reading and lab is actually scheduled, with illustrations by Sabrina Gennari, Ventura Editions (recommended for children aged 4 years and over).

But the surprises weren’t over yet: this year, in fact, Pro Loco volunteers also worked on San Giovanni tools and, taking advantage of the suspended winter, they designed and made tools to promote the village and its idiosyncrasies, particularly the witches.

Says Aps Pro Loco Often when tourists come to visit them, they have a desire to know the history, but also to bring the memory of our village with them. I Volunteers have a great desire to tell us, but also to leave a small but tangible footprint. So we thought of using recycled materials, such as wood, or the herbs and gems typical of our lands, to make small souvenirs: magnets, key rings and other gadgets. Witches are definitely one of the most representative elements of the village, which also makes us known abroad and that’s why we decided to create something as well in the wake of this topic. These are small memories, but the skill and history behind each of them presents an opportunity for us to make San Giovanni even more famous. We hope that after participating in the “Borgo dei Borghi” show, many will be able to discover our beauty. We are ready to welcome them.”

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