Computer workshop to reduce the digital divide

Archive images, create tables, write an e-mail, or perform administrative procedures on the Internet. It is difficult to do without a computer. The problem is that not everyone is a digital coach. Especially the elderly. So, to prevent them from falling behind and suffering from what we call the digital divide, workshops are being organized everywhere. This is the case when Pecan ring In the north of Ille-et-Vilaine, near Dol-de-Bretagne. Three times a week, Jacqueline Pezole, 77, introduces retirees to connected computing for free, in a room loaned by the city council.

That day, seven of them attended one of the three workshops Jacqueline offers each week. Everyone understands that it is impossible to do without the Internet today. “Every time we try to get something in writing, we can't.”“Hence the interest in these workshops,” explains Chantal Jacqueline teaches the basics of computing but above all, introduces people to using the Internet. “The most requested is everything administrative. Cesu salaries, email writing, sending attachments, creating schedules. I have created accounts for everyone, Améli, my health space, taxes, Véolia, EDF, ENEDIS, Info-retraite, etc.”And “doctulip”as they all say, without exception.

In ten years, through three workshops a week, Jacqueline has trained 150 people. If some may be reassured, Fifteen years ago, you knew nothing about computers. Today she said, “I don't have any papers anymore, everything is on the computer.”. But Jacqueline, 77, wants to move on and give herself another year before hanging up the phone. Notice to amateurs.

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