Have you toured Baldur's Gate 3? This mod will literally transform the game to offer you a new experience!

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In Baldur's Gate 3, players are immersed in the world of Dungeons & Dragons in a massive saga. Thanks to their choices, they will be able to chart their own destiny, choosing the path of goodness or total chaos. Since the game's release in the summer of 2023, millions of users have embarked on the adventure, faced massive bosses, accompanied characters in exciting stories, and finally completed production from Larian Studios. If that's you, then you've taken a look at everything Baldur's Gate 3 has to offer, and you want to… Rediscover the game in a roguelike version, this mod is made especially for you!

A mod to turn Baldur's Gate 3 into a roguelike?

A mod has appeared on NexusMods that has greatly delighted the Larian Studios gaming community. TAF trials (Taf's Trials, Hero of the Game) allows players to turn a role-playing game into a true roguelike. Thus, adventurers are transported to random maps and must face different enemies of their level. This new game mode can be played solo or with friends, regardless of difficulty. Honor Mode is recommended for a true permadeath roguelike experience, and some additional enemies may appear afterward. The possibilities are wide and users can play with friends, with their comrades, or surrounded by mercenaries! At the current hour, The roguelike system offers more than 38 maps and 250 enemies To test the players' resistance.

Pay attention to your backups!

To achieve an epic through this mode, its developer advises players to do so Start from a new backup. In fact, you can start from an existing backup “Spoil the progress of the story”. If you want to explore Baldur's Gate 3 from a roguelike, start a new save, and use that only for the mode. Resuming the save process to continue the original adventure may also put it in danger!

Overall, the PC system seems to be more than complete, and It has already been downloaded over 5000 times! The success of Trials of Tav has only just begun because after completing the main saga, many players may want to switch to this new challenge. In short, the concept of this mod is more than ordinary, and we recommend this crazy adventure if you want to (re)discover the game of the year 2023.

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