Computers are on the way to consciousness

WIs it like being a bat? asks philosopher Thomas Nagel in the title of an article that has become famous. We cannot know because we are trapped in an external perspective in our observation. We may know a lot about the cognitive abilities of bats. But we have no idea what you feel when navigating with echo sounding. It has to do with the concept of qualia, And the content of subjective experience of mental state, and phenomenal consciousness.

The term consciousness has different meanings in language usage. Sometimes we mean increased attention, controlled cognition rather than unfocused or unconscious cognition, and sometimes wakefulness versus mental absence, sleep or unconsciousness. Unfortunately, there is no strict and scientifically standardized definition of the term, philosophy, psychology, or neuroscience, each of which emphasizes different aspects. Neuroscientist Antonio Damasio, for example, defines consciousness as a state of mind in which an individual has knowledge of their own existence and the existence of an environment. We are concerned with consciousness as a phenomenon of experience.

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