Conspiracy Theory: People think the Queen has been computer recreated in a capsule

On Saturday, two icons of British culture met for tea.

We’re talking here about Queen Elizabeth II and Paddington Bear.

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In the capsule created in honor of the festivities surrounding Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee, we can see her seated in private with the Little Bear star in the book and movie series that bears her name.

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Of course, Paddington can’t stop talking about marmalade sandwiches and bask in happiness when he learns that Sovereign also shares his passion for sweet nuances.

The sitcom and its entertainment influenced many Englishmen, and many people praised Liz and her sense of humor.

But apparently, as in 2022, some believe there is an eel under the rocks.

Several netizens took to Twitter to claim that they believed the Queen was not in the capsule. Alternatively, his appearance could have been simulated using computer animation.

It should also be noted that some time ago, a theory circulated on the Internet that the Queen died some time ago, which the government decided to hide from the British people.

“I hope everyone realizes that Queen’s video with Paddington is a montage? The actress they used is so young, they should have taken someone older. It’s funny, but absolutely implausible.”

The UK has really succeeded in resurrecting the Queen with recent videos. I hope Lucasfilm comes and hires the responsible person.”

“There is a lot of computer animation in the Queen clip with Paddington and people don’t realize it. I’m 100% convinced that the Queen was completely computer made here. His movements and words don’t look real even from a distance.”

“The Queen had tea with Paddington Bear. The special effects are amazing these days. Both looked real.”

Obviously, like all conspiracy theories out there, we can afford to be suspicious of it. But one thing is for sure… Paddington is computer generated.

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