Wand Alliance: The multiplayer game with wizards will only be released in Quest 2, once the wands come out of the furnace

Wands Alliances, a multiplayer witch game, which we mentioned before (see article) Now on my wishlist a store Search. the first tractor From Play The title has also just been released:

like the first wandsAnd the wedding rings It is a spell-based action game where players customize their equipment and fight against their opponents. but while Only the first author allowed entry 1 against 1second performances matches in 3 against 3. Players hide by teleporting across the map, and exchanging fire with both hands. three maps It will be available at launch.

The trailer also reveals different types of objectives and game modes, such as trying spells in training. if the first wands It was already considered a fun and enjoyable version of the magic in VRAfter its launch, the second installment received strong support. It would definitely be interesting to know how a file works Play The base expands as the number of players increases from two to six. at this moment, The game is only confirmed for Quest 2but will likely be launched on other helmets later.

And you? What do you think? Tell us in the comments. If you haven’t taken the initiative yet, you can treat yourself with a Oculus Quest 2 in home BakerThe FnakAnd the Dart or Amazon for 349.99 euros. You can also find good computers for gamers there.

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