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Disrespect is a highly anticipated game on PC and Xbox, but when will it be officially released? The answer was given during the live broadcast.

The Xbox Game Pass It will host several games in 2022 and 2023, including Persona 5 RoyalAnd the red fall Or even a horror game mockery.

Some people ask When will Scorn be released on PC and Xbox And if that’s your case, the answer was given during the Xbox Game Show on Sunday, June 12, so it’ll be October 21.

What is the release date of Contempt?

If you want to know the release date of the Scorn, well, the answer was given during the Xbox Game Showcase and It will be October 21. This date was also announced at the end of the trailer that aired on Sunday, June 12th.

As you can see in this trailer, Scorn is a first-person shooter and horror game that will take you through exotic areas. We also remind you that the file The game will be available for free to all Xbox Game Pass subscribers PC, Xbox, and Ultimate as shown during the broadcast of the above visual trailer, as well as other expected games such as red fallAnd the Minecraft LegendsPersona 5 Royal or even A Plague Tale Requiem.

While you wait to discover this terrifying game from Ebb Software, don’t forget that Scorn will release on October 21 and is exclusive to Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

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