While providing details about Starfield and the Elder Scrolls 6 – Nerd4.life, Fallout 5 was confirmed by Todd Howard.

Fall5 It will, it will Officer. To say that it is not an internal, but Todd Howard He, while giving some details about Starfield in an interview with IGN, accidentally talks about The Elder Scrolls 6. He said the active growth of the new Fallout would begin as soon as the new Elder scrolls were closed (maybe earlier. Production begins at the final stage of development of another).

More precisely Howard said The Elder Scrolls 6 is in pre-production. “After that we will do Fallout 5”. So there is still plenty of time to see him (who knows the income for this generation). In the meantime Bethesda There are other unspecified plans he has to look out for. Probably one of these is Fallout 76, which should be active as a live service, but who knows.

On Starfield Todd has confirmed that there will be four major cities and that no planet can land blindly. The main story, page tasks and other activities only last 30 to 40 hours. In total there will be over 200,000 lines of conversations.

In short, after the enormous space, Bethesda wants to unleash new chapters on its two most important owners.

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