Continued launch of mobile payment

Bank of Lebanon: The ongoing launch of mobile payment

Within the activities of the Algeria International Fair, Mrs. Talib Nawal, Director of Payment Methods at the Bank of Lebanon, confirmed this morning that
33% of the Banking Center’s electronic payment transactions were carried out on the Bank of Lebanon’s VSE fleet in 2023. The bank owns more than 8,900 VSEs spread throughout the national territory. The same manager also indicates that the number of transactions exceeds one million.

On this issue, Ms. Taleb points out that the Bank of Lebanon, in addition to the TPE issued free of charge to all merchants, bears all costs
It is embedded in the phone chip, after-sales service, and provides refresher training for the use of the devices. Regarding electronic payment, Ms. Taleb announces that the Central Bank of Lebanon supports operators and merchants in the accreditation process with SATIM and GIE for electronic banking services to become online merchants. Ms. Taleb announces that “the Central Bank of Lebanon has so far supported more than 111 online merchants operating and providing online payment services, and 52 more merchants will be accredited by the end of 2024.” In addition, more than 124,000 electronic transactions were recorded in 2023.
The matter did not stop there, as the Bank of Lebanon also intends, according to Ms. Taleb, to launch it “immediately.”

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