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If you liked The Room series from Fireproof Games, you are sure to read this article carefully with the arrival of Littlefield Studio’s highly anticipated Machinika Museum. Although The Room didn’t invent the digital ‘puzzle box’, it really kicked the anthill with the high-quality production and immersive experience on our touchscreens.

Several games have tried to copy the concept over the years, and it seems like the Machinika Museum is ready to dazzle us.

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Machinika Museum soon on iOS and Android

Site from the developer Littlefield Studio And the editor Digital connection, Machinika Museum invites you to play as the keeper of the Museum of the Future workshop. You are in charge of reviewing and correcting the various technological discoveries that are sent to the museum, but this time a strange new set of devices has been sent, and solving their puzzles will take you on an adventure that will literally cover the entire world of the galaxy.

If the controls are simple and intuitive, you’ll have to strain your brain to solve dozens of puzzles based on logic and observation. The game promises to adventure 2-4 hours depending on your level, all in a very successful atmosphere. Obviously, the laws of physics must be taken into account to reach the end.

The developers do not hide their inspiration because they borrow classic puzzle game classics, whether old (Mist) or new (The Room). Watch the trailer video:

Machinika Museum launched on Steam for PC today with an all-time 15% discount. The game will make its way to mobile devices on April 20 and you can pre-order the iOS version from the App Store or pre-register the Android version at Google apps.

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Download the game Machinika Museum

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