Continuing strong growth in container shipping at the mobile port

Container traffic continued to grow at the mobile port, with the Alabama Port Authority reporting double and triple-digit growth in container traffic.

According to information released on Tuesday by the Ports Authority, April 2022 saw an increase of 39.7% in container volumes compared to April 2021. At the port’s multimodal container transport facility, activity increased by 112.6% compared to April 2021. Refrigerated freight continued to increase, by 57.9% compared to April 2021. April 2021.

The port authority said the prospective infrastructure investments would help maintain this trend. Part of a $100 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation, joint with the Mobile Airports Authority, will fund a “new inter-terminal bridge linking the marine terminal to the multimodal rail facility and adjacent logistics park.” Funds from the same grant will also pay for site development work in the logistics area.


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A separate federal allotment of $67.3 million will help fund the development of a new multimodal conversion facility in Montgomery. This facility, built in partnership with CSX Transportation, will allow container freight to travel from the port to Montgomery by rail. (Another project, the Alabama-USA Rail Corridor, will provide the same type of port connection to the Birmingham area and beyond.)

“It is gratifying to see the port’s long-term strategic vision come to fruition and play a role in driving economic growth across the region,” said Beth Branch, Chief Commercial Officer.

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