CORAIR introduces the KATAR PRO XT gaming mouse and MM700 RGB extended gaming mouse / gaming experience

CORSAIR introduced a new ultra-light gaming mouse: KATAR PRO XT. Weighing just 73g and a discounted Paracord cable, KATAR PRO XT is extremely agile and perfect for fast FPS and MOBA games. The KATAR PRO XT is also the first CORSAIR mouse to feature new CORSAIR QUICKSTRIKE keys, which are preloaded to reduce key travel. Every click is recorded with the KATAR PRO XT at full speed.

Thanks to its symmetrically compact shape, the KATAR PRO XT is ideal for a claw-grip and fingertip style. At just 73 grams, the KATAR PRO XT is one of the lightest mice in the entire CORSAIR lineup of a gaming mouse. The lightweight paracord cable reduces drag and allows for faster, more precise movements. The CORSAIR QUICKSTRIKE switches, first used on the KATAR PRO XT, are spring loaded switches with bias. There is no space between the primary mouse buttons and their keys, so the shots and spells are instantly recorded by the physically not present hub.

In addition to the QUICKSTRIKE buttons, the KATAR PRO XT has high performance gamer features, including an optical sensor with 18,000 dpi for tracking with great accuracy and durable OMRON switches with a 50 million clicks guarantee. The KATAR PRO XT is equipped with six buttons, all of which can be programmed with time-saving macros, user defined actions and new button assignments via the CORSAIR iCUE software, to name a few. ICUE can also be used to fine-tune the sensitivity to the DPI. Up to three DPI presets can be saved so you can easily adapt the sensitivity to games or other tasks.

In addition to the KATAR PRO XT, the CORSAIR MM700 RGB extended gaming mouse with a fabric surface will also be offered, which brings RGB lighting to your desk. With a size of 930mm x 400mm, there are three RGB lighting zones that can be adapted to mouse, keyboard and other conditions. The MM700 RGB is CORSAIR’s first extended gaming mouse with three controllable RGB lighting zones for comprehensive 360-degree illumination on your desk. Use iCUE software to fully customize lighting and sync it with the rest of the setup, or use the simple button controls to cycle through 12 built-in lighting profiles. The woven surface of the MM700 RGB’s improved gliding properties has reduced friction and enables easy tracking and precise orientation. At the same time, peripherals such as a mouse or headphone can be conveniently connected via a USB hub integrated with two ports.

With its lightweight design and heavy duty KATAR PRO XT, PC gamers, combined with the MM700 RGB’s dynamic overall illumination, have the perfect combination to claim their victory.

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