Monster Hunter Rise, Clash with Keshu in a Game Play Video – Live 4.Life

Monster Hunter Rice Returns to show itself Video With about thirteen minutes Sports The game was captured by Informer editors, including a frantic clash Above.

Confirmed on the system, Monster Hunter Rice will face regular, extensive brutality Creature More or less big, more or less dangerous, and each of them will require a precise strategy.

As you can see in the video, Keshu does not have unusual agility, but knows how to defend himself well. Electrical discharges He could have spit his body around.

Truth be told, war is one-sided, a clear indication that party characters are already well-equipped and have the skills needed to defeat this type of monster without major problems.

However, the scenes reveal some Announcements As we will see in Monster Hunter Rise based on the dynamics, the fights can be done faster and more energy than the traditional episodes of the series.

Now it is closerExit Of the game, get it Nintendo Switch From March 26th.

Monster Hunter Rise, an exciting monster fight scene.

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Veronica Tucker

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