Core Gen13 “Raptor Lake” processors will arrive in October

The first Alder Lake-S processors, the K versions that will be overclocked, could be launched in October 2022 by Intel.

Top Intel’s Alder Lake processors Launched at the beginning of November 2021, and everything indicates that their successors are based onThe architecture of Lake Raptor can be revealed During the same period this year, to clarify and refine the rumors that appeared a few weeks ago. According to the post on Bililili from ECSM_Official, the manufacturer’s roadmap will be targeting until October.

Credit: ECSM_Official

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Rocket Lake: More cache, more cores, still at 10nm

A success in the current Core Gen12, Raptor Lake-S processors will benefit from more L2 and L3 cache, optimizing P cores and doubling the number of electronic cores, all to increase single-threaded and multi-threaded performance. Intel will keep its 10nm pattern design for its 13700K, 13900K, and all other members of this new range.

Intel Core
Alder Lake-S
Intel Core
Lake Raptor-S.
engraving Intel 7 (10 nm) Intel 7 (10 nm)
cores p Golden Cove Raptor Cove
Core-E Gracemont Gracemont
iGP Gen12.2 Gen12.2
Max Hearts 16 (8c + 8c) 24 (8 c + 16 c)
Max L2 cache 8x 1.25MB (Core P)
2x 2MB (Core E)
8 x 2 MB (P cores)
4x 4MB (Core E)
Max L3 cache 30 megabytes 36 moh
Plug LGA1700 LGA1700
RAM controller DDR4 / DDR5-4800 DDR4 / DDR5-5600
BCI Express PCIe 5.0 PCIe 5.0

As with Gen12 Cores, Intel is expected to debut the high-end ‘K’ models (and the X670/X670E chipset) in October 2022, but the mainstream and more expensive models aren’t expected to launch until early 2022. 2023, accompanied by B650 chips and B650E. Strongly we can oppose them in the future AMD Ryzen 7000Planned for this summer…

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