Esports in Perpignan: Team Endavant is ready for battle in the gaming world

A new esports federation with the support of the city council was set up last year in Perpignan. Increasingly regulated system even if addiction risks remain.

In the increasingly popularized world of esports, Perpignan has a new association called Team Endavant. A structure created for today’s video game enthusiasts like league of legendsAnd the brave or fortnite It consists of about twenty experienced players supervised by a professional staff: communicating, planning, looking for sponsors, managers … real coaches or analysts who are responsible for scrutinizing the tactics of opposing teams before the LAN (championship) in the form of a traditional gym.

An association headed by Florian Kuegler, a basketball fan who passed through Tolog Club in N3 while studying sports. This 24-year-old resident of Montpellier has managerial experience in e-sports at DualMedia, and he started taking an interest in the discipline during the Covid era.

It’s the first time I’ve stopped playing basketball for a long time. I rediscovered the side of competition and this gave me the idea to be involved in team management. I saw an opportunity in Perpignan after a partnership with the USAP did not work, and then approached the city council to develop a structured project containing water.This student is developing in the Administrative Department in Paris and is currently looking for sponsors to be able to take his players to participate in tournaments all over France.

The danger for some young people is that they shut up themselves and stop their studies

The Endavant – whose level is like the equivalent of the second division – should have a loan room from the city where players of all levels can practice on the computers and benefit from the coach’s advice for the most competitive. Profiles of players between the ages of 15-30, depending on the type of game, where the risk of addiction is taken very seriously.

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The danger for some young people is that they become addicted, shut themselves up and drop out of school. It is also an environment in which there is more and more money with many structures that employ very good players but can quickly shut down afterwards due to poor management.‘ continues the young director.

A sport of the new generation that also requires a healthy lifestyle to be able to remain focused and a series of several hours of competition, such as the Parisians of Vitality, one of the most important European clubs.

Ultimately, Team Endavant plans to stage a tournament (after LAN La Catalane that was held at the Palais des Congrès in 2019) with the reason why the influencer Perpignan Nasdas isn’t there. The first 500 square meter virtual reality electronic arena by EVA (Esport Virtual Arenas) should open its doors in North Polygon by the end of 2022.

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