COVID-19. Ornei Colleges and High Schools: A mobile team will provide vaccinations to 10,000 students

Orne Governor Françoise Tahiri, Academic Director of the National Education Services of Orne, Françoise Moncada, Deputy Director of ARS, Anne-Catherine Sodry, and Director of Sdis de l’Orne, Colonel Dominique Portnard, detailed the vaccination possibilities for students aged 12-17 years at the start of school year. (© Lorne Hebdo) (© Lorne Hebdo)

The Back to school 2021-2022 Put under the sign of vigilance and “mobilization” in the face of the risk of deterioration Health status.

More mixing of the population

This is what judgeorni, Françoise Tahiri, who on the eve of the beginning of the program Educational institutions The public, held a joint press conference with officials innational education, from’regional health agency and the Firefighter from the section.

“The beginning of the school year necessarily means an increase in the mixing of the population, in the school environment of course, but also in transportation or in professional circles because parents also go back to school.”

Françoise Tahiriruler of Orni

In Orne, 10,000 unvaccinated people are between 12 and 17 years old

One of the ‘challenges’ the authorities now face is to ‘make available’ vaccination for teenagers Between 12 and 17 years old.

In Orne, they are almost 20,000 students in total In colleges and high schools, public or private, professional, public or at MFR (Rural Family House).

Among them, 74% have already received the first injection of the Covid-19 vaccine and 50% already have a full vaccination schedule.

so it stays 10,000 unvaccinated studentsThose under 12 years of age are not eligible for vaccination.

School mobile team

In order to “make it easier to get vaccinated” for children aged 12 and over, three solutions will be offered starting Monday, September 6, in Orne middle and high schools.

  • Either the school is there Near the vaccination centerThis means about a 10-minute walk, explained Françoise Moncada, Academic Director of National Education Services (Dasen) in Orne. “In this case, pupils who want to be vaccinated and have parental permission can be escorted, on foot, to the vaccination center by the staff of their institution.”
  • If the facility is too far from the vaccination center or if safety cannot be ensured during the flight, Bus Transportation It will be implemented. Of the 76 institutions in the circle, “This is just about eight schools, six in public secondary schools and two in private secondary schools, Françoise Moncada said.
  • Finally, the Regional Health Agency, in cooperation with the Urne Fire and Rescue Service (Sdis 61), will establish mobile teams “Who will move from one institution to another In-situ injection. In other words, it would be possible to get vaccinated in his college or high school by doctors, nurses or volunteer firefighters.

The first phase from 6 to 27 September

And so, during the month of September, 34 institutions in Orne He will receive a visit from this mobile team. Beginning with the colleges of Mêle-sur-Sarthe and Longny-les-Villages, Monday 6 September 2021.

The first step of this vaccination campaign Teenagers will continue Until September 27 So that all the disciples who wish can get their first dose “before the Halloween holiday.” The second step should allow students to have a full vaccination schedule by Christmas,” Dassen hopes.

“The goal is to make it easier for 12-17 year olds to be vaccinated, but this remains an individual choice. And vaccination is clearly not mandatory even if we are still practicing pedagogy. The idea is not to persuade, but to provide students and families with accurate information.”

Françoise MoncadaAcademic Director of National Education Services at Orne

The epidemiological situation in Orne is ‘contained’ when pupils return to school (infection rate 69 per 100,000 cases, vaccination rate 80% of the population receiving the first dose and 756% having a ‘full vaccination schedule’), the health protocol applied is Level 2 (of 4).

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‘Optimistic’, Dasen de l’Orne has ‘good hope’ that the alert level will remain stable and is even hoping to ‘get down to level 1 in December’.

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