Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion – Broken Turnip is coming to mobile!

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You may have already benefited from the funny and atypical adventure of Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, which was released last year on PC. If not, you will be able to discover the address on an easily accessible support in your everyday life: your mobile phone!

Turnip boy commits tax evasion: a funny headline

Available on Steam Since April 22, 2021, turnip boy Surprised its players, in the positive sense of the word! In fact, the game invites you to flesh a turnip, rather than break it, because you didn’t pay your taxes! You will then find yourself without a home in the middle of the vegetable garden. In order to pay off this debt, you will go on an adventure with a purpose Adjust your score by submitting a Mayor Union service.

In order to get there, So you will have to complete the tasks offered by the place master. To do this, you can equip yourself with gardening tools in order to fight against wild animals and solve puzzles. Through this (short) adventure, you will discover Much less management correct than it seems.

The game may find the support that suits it

Yes, visually and in gameplay, Turnip boy commits tax evasion He is already like Zelda. When it was released, it was a huge success, Although the black dot has been raised by many players: its short shelf life. However, in this case, the game can do quite well, in fact, by offering a mobile experience that lends itself much more to a short and accessible adventure for small daily sessions.

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Developed by Snoozy Kazoo and published by PID Games and Graffiti Games, The address will be available at App Store And google apps from May 24. Pre-registrations are already available. Remember that after releasing it on PC, Turnip boy commits tax evasion It had a non-physical version on the Nintendo Switch, and there is a physical version available as well. If you want to respond, comments below and our pages FB And Twitter At your disposal!

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