Covit, Brusafero speaks: “Hundreds of people at risk of hospitalization”

Silvio Brucefero, President of the Institute of Higher Health, takes note of the increase in Govt infections in Italy

President of the Institute of Higher Health, Silvio Brucefero, Acquired Italy’s Infectious Disease During a Press Conference on Analyzing Data from the Control Room Weekly Monitoring Govt. In recent days, the number of victims has increased, especially in the world of young people between the ages of 20-29 and 10-19.

“There are two important pieces of information: the number of municipalities with at least one case is no longer declining. We are moving towards growth again. In the previous weeks there were 2165, now there are 2267 municipalities involved.

Brusafero later reiterated Delta variant Dominating in the coming weeks, a Rt growing It is projected to be 1.24 (RT, in the most recent observation, went from 0.67 to 0.92%).

He then added: “The most affected 10-19 years and 20-29 years, The code of a young population that reduces the high incidence at this time. The average age of infection is actually 28 years. According to the forecast, hundreds of people will be admitted to the hospital. ”

“The occupancy rate of beds in Italian hospitals remains stable at 2%. Current show forecasts show a potential growth in bed occupancies by the end of August, but below the critical thresholds will be more than 5-6%, i.e. in any case hundreds of people admitted to the hospital,” the president said. Said. National Institutes of Health.

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Not yet defined Effect of delta variation Will be In the hospital. “The effect of delta variability on hospitalization is not yet clear and we cannot make an accurate estimate”.

Brusafero added: “We are finishing it Vaccine cycle, But we have limitations to compensate quickly. Only 74% of people between the ages of 70 and 79 are vaccinated, and we’re talking about more than 2.5 million people in 60 years: it’s very important that these people save themselves.

At a European level, ISS Number One explained, “We are beginning to see parts of the continent where the status of the SARS-Cowie-2 virus is particularly acute. Spain’s numbers are staggering, with some areas dark red and Holland, but also areas such as Cyprus and Crete, which exemplify an intensity. Infection, “Darkening fast”.

It is also found in the southern part of France. It causes a fast-growing curve in areas like this ”. It is in this context that “Italy begins to move”.

“Rise Spread The delta variance is estimated to be between +33 – + 110%, so in the worst case scenario a spread over the upper range is assumed to be equal to 1.3 to, which is underlined by Brusafero. “Evolution in August is expected to increase employment in the intensive care and medical sector, but is below the critical thresholds of 30% and 40%, but with hundreds of people 10% of employment may be admitted to hospital, which is apparently the worst situation,” he pointed out.

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“There is – he continued – a technical table of relevant parameters The colors of the regions. The issue of the impact of variations on population is important, and we read and evaluate it based on the experience of other countries before us in epidemics. Today’s focus should be on vaccinating older groups and then young people with a full cycle. It is important that the most vulnerable people are protected. “

Gianni Ressa: “A Tejo Wu for What Happened Last Summer”

“This is a dijo wu of what happened last summer, but now there is Vaccine“, Said the Director General of Prevention of the Ministry of Health, Gianni Ressa, Speaking at a press conference after Brucefero.

“The delta variant – Ressa noted – works a lot and records a 60% increase in transmissibility compared to the alpha variant. The virus is spreading more than last summer, and now it mainly affects young people.”

“However, since the elderly are vaccinated first, they must be protected from serious illness. When they are significantly vaccinated, young people will begin to slow down the virus race.”

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Delta Variation, Infections Growing: Areas Towards the Yellow Zone

Photo source: ANSA

Delta Variation, Infections Growing: Areas Towards the Yellow Zone

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