Crazy Driving Taxi Chaos console game launched on February 23

Team6 Games Studios, Lion Castle and GS2 Games have announced a release date for their next game Taxi mayhem. The game will be launched on console at the end of February and will contain both a digital and a physical version.

Taxi mayhem It is a modern game from the classic taxi games. Drivers can earn higher fares by successfully picking up and dropping passengers at the correct location. Players must drive around the city quickly to transport a variety of passengers before time runs out.

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The game contains two pilots. Vinny wears a bright red shirt with suspenders and sunglasses on his head. Cleo is wearing a pair of hot pink headphones and is seen chewing pink gum.

Players can also choose from different taxis. As the game progresses, players will unlock more vehicles. They include a muscle car, a high-speed exotic car, or a drift in a Japanese tuner. The more successful players are at their jobs, the more vehicles they will unlock.

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The city was inspired by New York, which may include familiar places. Players will have to learn city shortcuts, drift around corners, jump in traffic or even collide with cars to transport passengers to their destination on time.

Passengers range from hipsters, journalists, plumbers, plumbers, rock stars or even foreigners. There are no trip-sharing apps in-game, so you don’t have to worry about bad reviews.

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In addition to announcing the release date, there was a short trailer with footage of the game straight from the game. Depending on the gameplay, there are no restrictions on where drivers can go. There is only a short view of the driver on the road, but they drive quickly down a steep rooftop street, then through a tree littered park.

Players will likely need to move around various obstacles. Driving in the park means that players take direct risks of driving for fun. While this might cause minor damage to the moving vehicle, it could also delay the passenger’s arrival at the destination.

Getting to the site as quickly as possible is the main goal of the game, so players need to get familiar with the mechanics of driving quickly.

The game will only work on consoles at this time. No PC version has been announced in the trailer or on the official website.

Compare b Crazy Taxi It’s almost inevitable but has nothing to do with the classic game. The only relationship is that the title was released by Sega in Japan and Asia.

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Taxi mayhem It is launching on PlayStation 4, X-Box at Nintendo Turn on February 23.

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