Give hope to the gradual opening of this sport

Ralph Schulz emphasized the importance of virtual home fitness shows in the current situation, but could not replace studio exercise: “This only reaches audiences to a limited extent.” 85% of the German population rarely or never plays sports. In order to reach this important target group, according to Froböse, one actually needs individually designed offers.

In the panel discussion, the sports professor also identified what the gradual opening up to the field of sports and fitness might look like: “In the first step, you train individually under supervision. In the second, then again under the direction in the group. Until we finally return to normal sports. Step 1 can actually be done, especially in the outer region.

However, Dagmar Freitag believes that there is little hope that there will be a unified solution regarding sporting openness in Germany: “This is determined from state to state and then the local health authorities have an opinion.” How much you crave “regular sport” appears in politicians’ online meetings with clubs and fitness studios: on average, between 50 and 100 people participate. Just to talk about sports …

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