Crazy game for fans of the cult series.

I grew up with adventures.Tool InspectorThe world's most clumsy and luckiest cyber police officer? Do you dream of returning to the world of the 80s cartoon series, with its iconic characters, crazy gadgets and Machiavellian villains? Then don't miss out on the video game Inspector Gadget Crazy Time Party Available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch!

A cartoon that influenced a whole generation.

Tool Inspector It is an animated television series created in 1983 by Bruno Bianchi, Andy Hayward And Jean ChalopinIt is a joint American-French-Japanese-Canadian production, which depicts the adventures of an inspector equipped with many devices integrated into his body, who fights against Mad organization, led by disaster Dr. JangBut Inspector Gadget is extremely stupid, incompetent, naive and regularly makes egregious mistakes. He is systematically helped, without knowing it, by his niece. Sufi, A resourceful little girl and her dog Fino, He is very intelligent and able to communicate with Sophie.

regarding Inspector Gadget Crazy Time Party This is a video game developed by Smart story games Edited by Microids. This is a multiplayer game for 1 to 4 players, immersing you in the world of the cult Inspector Gadget. You can play as the famous inspector or one of his predecessors, who have been teleported to the present due to a malfunctioning time machine. Your mission: explore Metroville and challenge your opponents in 16 fun mini-games inspired by the series' universe. You will also be able to meet characters such as Chef Gontier, Sophie or MAD agents and use the inspector's various tools to fight the forces of evil.

multiplayer game

The video game faithfully reproduces the aesthetics, atmosphere and music of the original series. It offers two game modes: single player mode that offers the possibility to explore the entire famous city of Metroville and complete tasks in the form of mini-games to repair the time machine; and multiplayer mode that allows you to have fun with family or friends thanks to the cooperation or competition system.

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