Few people play Morrowind today without just a compass, map, and text directions for quests.

Older and wiser players will surely remember that time RPGs aren't full of markers of where to go Or maps with dozens of icons. According to Matt Frear, director of The Elder Scrolls Online, today, A game like Morrowind Without a map, without a compass and with missions described only in a glossary, it wouldn't be very playable. That type of design is dead, at least in the Triple-A world.

An extinct style

Games without a “compass or map,” games that “go to the third tree on the right and walk 50 steps west,” will never appeal to modern audiences, Fryer explained in an essay on modern game design. Role-playing games written for Rock, Paper, Shotgun: “If I made it now, no one would play it. Very few people would.” Now you have to give hints and tips, and no one really wants to spend a lot of time solving the problem. They need to be told a story, or interact with another player, or interact with an NPC.”

Boldly calling out Morrowind's name, Frior said “Morrowind is obviously a great game” but “the way it tells its story is a little dated for the players we have now… They're not all PC addicts. They're first-generation consoles people who invest as much time as possible in the game. “

So A designer must ensure that his game is “engaging and fun, and wandering around a field trying to measure 50 feet from a tree is no longer considered so. It's a bit sad because I'm an old-school player.”

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In short, it's a shame for Friar and many players don't want to experience adventures in a classic way anymore, but we can't do otherwise without dissatisfying them.

Veronica Tucker

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