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Create custom products to use as a tool, for yourself or to present to others as in the case of companies that have decided to use the tool for marketing. A sea of ​​different possibilities and uses, all dictated by the need to create a unique and original product.
With custom tools, it’s possible to differentiate traditional marketing campaigns, and therefore off the web, and create your own branded, daily-use products to present to customers, employees, and prospects. Which translates to greater visibility for the brand you are trying to promote.
A tool that has always existed and today finds a valid ally on the web to spread through. All thanks to sites and portals specialized in the formation and purchase Corporate Tools. How do these portals work?

How to make your own custom products

An example is given by the gate Hi GiftIt is an e-commerce targeting companies that need orders in large quantities and individuals who are interested instead in smaller quantities. HiGift allows you to purchase the company’s tools, then configure your product directly from your computer or mobile phone until you get the desired result.
Once the purpose is fulfilled, you can send the product to print and send the order waiting to be delivered to your home quickly. HiGift is a reference point on the network for purchasing personal products and gadgets not only in Italy, as it is also available in English, French and German. There are also many promotions that you can always buy at affordable and competitive prices.
What can be configured in the HiGift online store? Basically everything, gadgets of different types ranging from the world of technology (all the different accessories to a smartphone) and then continuing into the sector of stationery, office, food and beverage, travel, wellness and entertainment.

For whom are corporate tools useful?

There are many product segments and different types of companies for which corporate tools of this type can have added value from a commercial point of view. Think of the world of restaurants, real estate agencies, beauty parlors, professional studios, and car dealers.
The use of personal tools can be of great benefit if combined with specific events such as exhibitions, conferences, marathons, conferences and refresher courses. All occasions when you will have to deal with a broadly targeted audience belonging to a very specific segment. So if you represent a company, for example, you can try to acquire new customers or users who are interested in their services/products by doing direct marketing activities through dedicated tools.
A form of promotion that is part of traditional marketing which today uses web channels to be accessible to a much wider audience: all at significantly lower prices, much more than other types of advertising. This also explains the high prevalence of this type of promotion for individuals and companies and the success of portals that, like HiGift, allow you to configure your company’s tools in a completely independent way.

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