Why and how do you encrypt your data on your computer

In the face of theft and online threats related to viruses and other ransomware, it is important to protect the personal data on your computer.

The most effective way is to encrypt this data, which is very easy, both on Windows and macOS.

Data encryption is necessary

Encrypting your data is essential if you don’t want a third party to control it. Hackers can copy it or even copy it Preventing remote access. Reminder, Even deleted data Bad guys can pick them up!

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Sensitive (administrative documents, medical files, private photos, etc.) or not, this data must be So it must be encrypted If we are to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. A properly encrypted hard drive is completely unreadable to anyone who does not have the decryption key, usually the administrator password. Once encoded, Data becomes truly private It cannot be read correctly.

Easy data encryption

Encrypting your computer is relatively easy, whether you have a Windows PC or a Mac with macOS. Although not offered by default, encryption is relatively Easy to activate on a modern device.

Make sure that you are connected to the Windows administrator account and then go to “Settings“From your computer. You must then select”Update and securityThen activateDevice encryptionIf this feature does not appear, type “.BitLocker managementIn the search field on the taskbar, open it, thenEnable BitLocker“.

you have to go to”System PreferencesThen go to the tabFireVault” in a “Security and confidentialityTo activate this option, you must click on the lock icon and then enter the administrator name and password. From there, the encryption process will take place in the background, without the user noticing anything. Note that Apple provides you “a keyBackup if you ever lose your password.

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