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  • Creative Technology introduces the new GC7 speaker
  • The external amplifier and DAC are especially easy to use
  • Creative puts the concentrated power of its audio technology into the device

The Sound Blaster GC7 is the first in a line of new products from Creative Technology. The external DAC and amplifier are designed for games with intuitive controls to ensure that players, banners, and content creators can get the best possible audio from their own systems.

To deliver an audio experience that can be heard, Creative GC7 awarded the Super X-Fi Headphone Holography and Soundblaster sound processing. GC7 should improve the listening experience with two professional technologies and convey a realistic sense of space and direction.

5.1 and 7.1 surround sound, Crystalizer, Smart Volume, and other audio functions are included in the GC7 package and, according to Creative, audio enhancement and customization are included in both headphones and speakers. The compact DAC AKM4377 has a low-noise floor (120dB signal-to-noise ratio) and delivers up to 24-bit / 192kHz.

This is what a little gaming hearing aid looks like. You can set everything important on the wheels and buttons directly on the roof.

The mini audio station also has a SXFI battle mode specifically for gamers. This should enable players to “not only hear the direction the shots are coming from, but also to assess the distance”. This should make it easier to acoustically locate the opponent’s position in shooting games.

Reconnaissance mode has also been awarded to the GC7. This technology brings even the smallest sounds like “a slight wave in the grass” to your ears so you never miss a thing on the battlefield.

Especially when you want (or have to) talk to your teammates, it can be helpful to be able to control the game and voice chat separately. Gamevoice Mix from the Sound Blaster GC7 makes it possible to adjust game volume and chat volume without having to leave the game.

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In a fast game, it can sometimes be difficult to take one hand off the keyboard or mouse, but there are short breaks to discuss tactics in nearly every competitive game.

You can’t just use a DAC for gaming on a PC. Several connections also allow connection to a console (PlayStation or Nintendo Switch) or a mobile device. Headphones are supported between 32 and 300 ohms.

Ease of use should be very important. So on the surface you’ll find a volume control, Game Voice Mix setting button, and comprehensive system control with options for adjusting ambient, bass, SXFI, treble, and microphone volume.

The microphone can also be muted here. With the four programmable buttons, you can switch between FPS, Battle Royale and MOBA game modes, turn detection mode on, monitor microphone on and off, and switch between headphone and speaker input.

You can get the Sound Blaster GC7 for 149.99 €. You can find more information and purchasing options at Product page.

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