Layers of Fear VR announced for PlayStation VR

Team Bloober brings the horror hit Layers of fear On the Sony VR headset, which will be released next April.

Building on the success of 2016, players dive into the game VR fear layers Once again in the depths of madness as they control a painter who wants to complete his greatest creation. Discover the visions, fears, and awe that entice the painter as you delve deeper into the ever-changing Victorian mansion with his grisly artwork. Bloober promises a truly scary and frightening VR adventure that you can bring to life.

Redesigned for virtual reality

VR fear layers Completely redesigned with virtual reality in mind for further interaction and immersion. Explore a first-person villa built on a rich and dark story. Explore an environment full of horrific artwork and solve puzzles through quirky puzzles as the psychological horrors buried deep in the game make you question your eyes and your thoughts.

VR fear layers It will be released on April 29, 2021.

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