Daily Deal on Oculus Quest: Today’s deal puts us in control of the Starfighter! (November 3, 2021)

Every day there is a promotion onQuest Oculus Store And if that doesn’t equal the discounts offered during previous big sales, it’s still a huge savings being made.

end of space In English, but the menus are in French and the translation too. It is not compatible with the Cloud save (Loss of progress if uninstalled), but it is buy via, which means that he bought it onQuest Oculus StoreYou can also download its PC version for free VR to run it vialouver link where virtual desktop.

  • end of space (€ 9,95 14.99 € -33%) (635 Mo) (VOSTFR) (C) (cloud provisioning) (combined purchase) (4/5) – PEGI 12
    Take control of the most advanced superstar fighter developed by the United Trade Consortium in stunning virtual reality as you fight for the Tartarus sector. Protect UTC’s secret training technology from Tartarus Liberation Front rebels as you fight to maintain community dominance and gain fame and fortune in the process.

If you have not yet taken this measure, you can treat yourself with a Oculus Quest 2 in home Boulanger, The FnakAnd Dart where Amazon for 349.99 euros.

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