Play sports at home in virtual reality

Do you want to burn extra calories without leaving your home? This is now possible thanks to the incorporation of virtual reality into the world of sports.

Previously, the only way to train hard at home was to run on a treadmill. However, it can sometimes be boring to practice while looking at the wall in your home. Today it is possibleUse a virtual reality simulator in itI do fitness. It is more practical and more stimulating.

With this guide, discover what sports you can play in virtual reality. Like anything, virtual reality can really well affect the real world.

Exercise in virtual reality: Supernatural

Supernatural gives you the opportunity to take fitness classes at home. Submit you a file New workout a day. That is, new sequences of movements, a new environment, new music and a coach to cheer you up throughout the workout.

It’s almost like signing up for an aerobics class, but the local gym is in a remote part of Iceland. Rapid arm movements punctuate a lot of squatting and lunge. In short, it is a file A complete workout This will make you sweat in no time.

Exercise in Virtual Reality: FitXR

FitXR is also an alternative to working out at home thanks to virtual reality. Related Virtual Fitness Studio Run by real coaches. With FitXR, you can choose a workout that suits your mood and desired intensity of the workout. So you can box, take hip hop lessons, cardio dance, etc.

FitXR regularly publishes new categories. This allows you not to repeat the same fitness sessions. At FitXR, you can also train with people from all over the world.

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Exercise in Virtual Reality: Beat Saber

Beat Saber is one of the most popular virtual reality fitness games out there. In this game you will be armed with a pair of lightsaber. Your goal is to cut the incoming blocks to the beat of the music while avoiding hitting the walls. It’s like a mix of Rock Band VR, Fruit Ninja VR, and Audioshield games.

Virtual Reality Exercise: Central Dance

Even the least coordinated people can play the game Central dance. It’s also very intuitive and easy to use for beginners. You can light up the stage with The Chainsmokers, play with Dua Lipa, and rock with Kendrick Lamar. The club heads will teach you the moves. All you have to do is follow and mirror their actions.

However, there are different game modes. The situation is in the studio, You will dance alone and the assistant will analyze your movements. While choosing a file Orientation mode to the club, You can compete with other players. And the lounge mode allows you to host a party for up to 4 people.

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