Dark Souls: Night: 18 minute game to unofficially chase dark souls

While waiting for the software to release its plans for the future, the team of motors has released a 18 minute game video of Dark Souls: NightfallL. Is behind this name As follows Unofficial of 2011 masterpiece.

The development team not only expanded the game, they wanted to create a new story with a new combat system, a new game map and bikes. This is a truly unofficial sequel to The First Dark Souls and it is recommended to play the first game for this reason Understand What happens in dark souls: Night falls.

To simplify the work, but to have a technical and stylistic continuum with the forerunner, the development team has reused many Assets Is already in the game, thus saving a lot of time for its creation.

There is no release date for the project at this time, but the works are well advanced from what can be seen, as well as very promising. Meanwhile, the original software team keeps all of their projects under wraps. Although the PEGI logo recently appeared on the official Elton Ring website: Is the first trailer coming?

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Veronica Tucker

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