Dark Times – Carbon Studio announces the arrival of Cooperative Mode

We knew Carbon Studio was busy with their next Warhammer game in virtual reality, but they had now announced by surprise on the networks that The Wizards: Dark Times would soon receive a collaboration mode.

Dear wizards, we are very excited to announce the arrival of the Co-Op Arena multiplayer mode in The Wizards: Dark Times!

Spells will soon be sent together! Indeed, with the new cooperation mode, Wizards: Dark Times Will invite players and their friends Face increasingly difficult challenges in dark arenas. For the occasion, the developers plan to incorporate a whole host of new enemies. To understand it better, players will have to choose a class of processor and specify privacy.

Collaboration will appear as free update will land At the start of the fourth quarter of 2021 on PC VR. Meanwhile, Carbon Studio is planning a whole host of updates and improvements to the single-player campaign, not to mention the much-anticipated Oculus Quest outlet for the game.

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