Days Gone 2 was in the works before its cancellation and the author reveals how much has already been done

John GarwinThe Days Khan director seems to be at a loss over the cancellation Days passed 2And recently returned to the topic of talking about What has already been done in the game Before Sony canceled it.

In a post published on The cancellation came suddenly Also for developers.

Indeed, Garwin He was already fired It was canceled by Sony PlayStation, but work continued after its exit, according to a news release on X.

The development took several weeks

“I wasn't there when Days Gone 2 got cancelled, I had already been working on the sequel for weeks. Script, setting, map and concept art ready” Carvin said in response to a question on whether a sequel has been officially proposed to Sony.

“After I got fired, I knew Jeff Ross [l’altro director -ndR] He was working on a different project with a different writer and creative director, so you'd have to ask him.”

In short, according to Garvin's report, the developers were aiming to create a trilogy, and plans were already set to create a sequel, so it's clear how the cancellation news had a strong impact on Bend Studios.

However, the Days Khan co-author also left a faint hope about the future of the series: “Never say no“Maybe one day Sony management will change their mind and bring me and Jeff Ross back together to make a sequel…but I'm waiting with bated breath,” he declared.

Veronica Tucker

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