DDR4 RGB Gaming X: Biostars’ first DDR4 RAM runs at 3200 and 3600MHz

Photo: Biostar

Going forward, motherboard manufacturer Biostar is also offering RAM for brightly colored games. As single units with 8GB capacity or in a 16GB package, the DDR4 RGB Gaming X series desktop RAM can be selected between two speeds: 3200 and 3600MHz. RGB LED lights are located at the crown of the heat conduction plate.

The first DDR4 DIMMs are the standard fare with speed levels initially specified in the XMP profile. However, the manufacturer surprised the announcement with a statement that the RAM should be manually scalable for overclocking up to 4000MHz. However, Biostar does not have any evidence or situations in which this is being achieved.

With DDR4-3200 Pre-set response times are CL18-22-22-42. According to the product page, the 3600er-unit It operates simultaneously at 1.35V. The manufacturer promises unrestricted factory OC settings compatibility with the most popular platforms from AMD and Intel. RGB lighting can be controlled for brightness and effects using built-in software. The manufacturer does not provide any information about support for other solutions from different motherboard manufacturers.

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