Gigabyte Aorus 15p in video test: a gaming device with a 300Hz screen

from Leo Schmidt
The Aorus 15P is well equipped with the RTX 3070 and Intel octa-core i7-11800H. The good equipment applies not only to the powerful package of these two computing chips, but also to the rest of the 15-inch laptop. The Full HD screen, for example, offers a refresh rate of 300Hz, so it’s ideal for shooters or fans of high frames per second in general. Inside is also a 1TB NVME SSD and 16GB of DDR4 RAM. So the notebook doesn’t seem to be missing anything, so we can take a closer look at whether the deal is worth it here.

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Note: We are currently in the process of recalling the notebook among Youtube subscribers with Gigabyte! Right this way!

Connectivity is impressive: with HDMI 2.1 and Mini-Displayport 1.4, there are currently two video outputs. Also available: Three USB 3.0 ports, a 2.5Gb LAN socket, and even the versatile Thunderbolt 4.

The speakers look quite usable, and can be cranked up somewhat, but they lack the bass, for example. This means that the sound is still better than the quality of the telephone receivers in many low-cost homes, but of course it does not replace two active speakers.

Windows 10 is preinstalled on the notebook and can be easily upgraded to Windows 11 thanks to TPM 2.0.

It’s good that Gigabyte kept the laptop free of bloatware and only useful things pre-installed, like configuration software for the laptop. In addition to the performance profiles, there are some useful add-ons that are not necessarily a matter of course and we like: for example, the fan curve can be adjusted manually. As a result, 15p is not necessarily quieter under full load, but the fans can be set so that they do not necessarily start immediately at smaller load peaks. The fan curve isn’t just a nerd gimmick here, but it’s also a useful feature that other notebook manufacturers are happy to take a look at.

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