Dead Space and Battlefield 2042 – All announcements from

L ‘E.A. Play Live 2021 Now over, it’s an intense 40 minutes, almost all E.A. The games were also full of news, but above all there was the ultimate surprise. For this reason we are going to get everything back Ads, Gives Dead Space is a Battlefield 2042.

Led Austin Creed, Desirable WWE Wrestler, The show focused on future releases. So the main event was packed with trailers, expressions and games.

Games featured at the end:

  • Grid legends

  • Lost randomly

  • Knockout City, Stageion 2

  • Battlefield Portal

  • Apex Legends: Ripalda

  • Dead Space

Sure, it can’t help us, but let’s start with the Dead Space announcement. EA’s horror story will return to an improved version from a graphics point of view and dynamics. To get started with Necromorps, here is our preview of Dead Space.

The second big announcement is the return of GRID Legends from the Codemasters hit arcade racing series. In our preview of GRID legends, we tell you all the news from story mode to tracks.

Battlefield 2042 Introduces Awesome Portal Mode. Our Wars Portal preview tells us how this kind of editor mixes some of the epic moments of the series and promises to create crazy moments for everyone.

Lost in Random showed the first gameplay trailer, and we had the opportunity to write a preview of Lost in Random, while Knock Out City Season 2 delivered.

Finally, learn more about the new Apex Legends legend.

E.A. Play Live 2021, therefore, is a show Serious This is interesting. What is your favorite? Why Dead Space?

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