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From IT to space exploration without forgetting a retro touch: the models to focus on in 2021

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what is it nerdier wrist watches Which ones to focus on in 2021? We have selected five models to suit every taste, they can be easily purchased online, which interests science, computer science and space enthusiasts.


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L ‘Get a digital watch It has no hands or numbers, because The time is shown in binary language بلغ programming model. By decoding the sequence 0 and 1 you can find out the exact time. On the dial, the upper LEDs are designated for the hours, while the lower ones for the minutes, the strap can be adjusted from 14 to 21 cm. Found in €30.90 so amazon.

Casio DBC-32-1AES

Casio DBC-32-1AES
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For fans of vintage watches, one can only consider the special edition Casio DBC-32-1AES With a built-in keyboard to plunge into the sea of ​​memories with i 80s Data Bank. This mini computer with calculator, stopwatch, currency converter and more features a Methuselah battery and approx €40 so amazon. Speaking of cool Casio classics, we also recommend the iconic A168 Round Edition and the custom Pac Man Edition.

Nixon your turn too

(Photo: Nixon)

Nixon your turn too It’s a watch that takes the style of vintage answering machines with most of the dial intended to house the speaker’s perforated grille. You can read the time on the small LCD screen or press the button and listen to the artificial “scream” sound. Available Different colors, costs €160, And find in the offer So amazon.

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suggestion Nerd watch from Etour Replaces traditional hands with two very small hands metal balls that run along the concentric tracks of the disc, using magnets to move and indicate time. Available in different colors and located in 50 euro around Here are the offers So amazon.

Swatch Extrovascular

external swatch
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Finally, the special edition Swatch Extrovascular Designed according to the color stripes of NASA’s iconic white space suit. The Big Bold Chrono watch features an opaque white bioceramic case, organic plastic glass and glow-in-the-dark hands. Water resistant to a depth of 30 metres. Costa 155 EURAnd Here are the offers So amazon.

For those on a bigger budget, there’s a gem that brings nerds and car enthusiasts together with a Bugatti watch with a W16 engine (working) inside.

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