Dear iPhone users, Google wants you to switch to Android!

Nicola Leeks

A few days ago Google released an app called Data recovery tool, Which deals with Import data from old device Android, during the initial configuration of the new device. This is a service that has been around for many years and is now only coming to the Play Store for an easy update; But Google’s intentions go beyond that.

Based on the findings XDA In the code of the application version 1.0.382048734, Google wants to do what Apple has been offering for years: An application aimed at transferring data from iPhone to Android, Similarly “Switch to iOSThe strings below are proof of this.

Step 1:
Available Switch to Android App from the App Store
Step 2:
Go to your WiFi settings
Step 3:
Connect to the network ^ 1 Enter the password ^ 2
Follow these steps on your iPhone

Note of application not yet available “Switch to AndroidThere is no doubt what will be available in the App Store, and data transfer will also take place openly Via wifi, Without the need for a cable. If anything, one wonders What Can move.

Other code refers to strings Share, But not in the sense that Google invented its own way to move chats, but with reference The next special official function It comes with a Facebook app. These other strings are very interesting in this regard:

To Change Apps, SMS Messages and Contacts, Enter Your iTunes Backup Password
”Your iPhone® is managed by your company and the content is encrypted. To change apps, iCloud® contacts, device contacts and iMessage® messages, you need to remove Device Management on your iPhone. ”
Your apps, iCloud® contacts, device contacts and iMessage® messages will not be changed

Explicit reference to applications, SMS, contacts and more is made here, but Only if the iPhone is not encrypted (It is active by default, but it is not clear what will be sufficient to remove it).

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However, at this time there is nothing official, but the evidence is “huge”, nothing more than waiting for Google’s announcement, who knows, maybe this will happen as soon as it launches Android 12.

However, let it be clear that there is no way to move data yet: Google takes care of one Dedicated page in Italian With advice for those who want to switch from iPhone to Android, but automated use is a completely different one.

Veronica Tucker

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