Best Offers on PS5 and PS4 Games with PlayStation Store, Remasters & Retro Advertising

New Discounts Remastering & Retro Promotion in PlayStation Store: Discover one of the best offers on PS5 and PS4 games.

PlayStation Store Updating Provides On PS5 and PS4 games With the promotion back Remaster & Retro: An attempt to allow you to purchase redesigned versions and remakes, using the most interesting discounts. Which are the best?

From the dark woods Alan Wake Remastered For zombie meetings Resident Evil3From spectacular and frantic action Bayonetta & Vankish 10th Anniversary Collection For comedy and colorful fights Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Complete Edition of The GameHere are the deals not to be missed this week.

Alan Wake Remastered

Alan Wake remastered, a fight scene

Available on offer at unprecedented prices, Alan Wake Remastered (PS5 and PS4, 20.09 Instead of 29.99) marks the arrival of Remedy Entertainment’s horror action shooter: The Story of a Writer in Crisis, Alan Wake Precisely, he reaches the pleasant city of Pride Falls with his wife Alice in search of rest and inspiration, but finds only pain and fear in it.

In fact, it seems to be oneAncient evil force It brings the city and its citizens under its control, reveals itself in the darkness together at night, and transforms the unknown people into deadly puppets covered by the shield of shadow: the only way to break it is to provoke them against a powerful beam of light. Allen finds that his spending seems like a nightmare.

But then his wife is mysteriously abducted and the writer begins to explore the surroundings Bright waterfall Is the protagonist of the adventure working to find her in the path of an individual who claims to have captured Alice and instead want “her” manuscript … or is it already over? To find out how things stand, we must come to the end of a campaign to change fear and action.

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As we wrote in a review by Alan Wake Remastered, the original structure of the Remedy Entertainment title is even better today, beyond certain categories that are inevitably dated today. The Sports.

Resident Evil3

Resident Evil 3, Jill Valentine
Resident Evil 3, Jill Valentine

Resident Evil 3 (PS4, 15.99 39.99 instead) never available in low numbers – a great opportunity to catch this controversial one Re-creation The survival horror created by Capcom, which starts well with a sequel of great impact, maintains a quality similar to the remake of the second episode, but then gets lost a bit along the way.

The new campaign is actually shorter and less interesting than the original, the whole slots are indescribably deleted and the end result is a pleasant game with some undoubted advantages, but at the same time Very short And spoiled by questionable choices regarding the presence of dangerous nemesis: We talked about it in the Resident Evil 3 review.

Bayonetta & Vankish 10th Anniversary Collection

Bayonetta & Wankish 10th Anniversary Celebration Bundle, Bayonetta Witch Facing a Big Enemy
Bayonetta & Wankish 10th Anniversary Celebration Bundle, Bayonetta Witch Facing a Big Enemy

Redesigned Bayonetta & Wankish 10th Anniversary Collection (PS4, 15.99 Instead of 39.99) was never so comfortable! So this is the perfect time to recover these two action jewels Platinum GamesSignificantly different in atmospheres and motives, but pleasing thanks to a fluid, precise and highly spectacular combat system.

Whether you want to wear one High tech armorUse destructive weapons and make quick slides using a set of thrusters. Warrior Witch Facing the whole army of terrifying angels with hesitant firing and spells, the bundle will be an exciting experience. More details on Bayonetta & Vankish 10th Anniversary Festival Collection Review.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Complete Edition of The Game

Scott Pilgrim Vs.  the World: The Game Complete Edition, our character fights two enemies
Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World: The Game Complete Edition, our character fights two enemies

More than ten years after the release of the original tie-in on the PS3 and Xbox 360, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game Complete Edition (PS4, 4.94 14.99 instead) is available for very little money through remastering & retro promotion, so it is a crime not to use it. Based on the famous comedy Brian Lee O’MalleyTribute Games Scrolling Fighting Game has a lot more to say.

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Very pleasant characteristics Pixel art graphics It combines the style of 16-bit games Ciptine soundtrack A truly addictive and awe-inspiring hardcore game, the game can be played alone or through online co-op for maximum fun: Learn more about Scott Pilgrim Vs. See our review of the complete version of The World: The Game.

Other games on offer

MediEvil, in front of the door where Sir Daniel Fordesk speaks
MediEvil, in front of the door where Sir Daniel Fordesk speaks

MediEvil (PS4, 14.99 Instead of 29.99) come back to the promotion and put us back in the armor Sir Daniel Fordesk, The hero of Calomer’s resurrected (or something like that …) to protect the borders of the kingdom from the onslaught of the evil sorcerer Jarrock and his monsters. Artistically very valid, the remake takes on the original gameplay and all its edges: good or bad? MediEvil Review.

Speaking of classics, Shenmu I & II (PS4, 6.99 34.99 instead) allows you to retrieve the first two chapters of the iconic series you created Yu Suzuki Thanks to a simple remaster, it adjusts the resolution and frame rate to today’s standards without doing anything else. The charm of Ryo Hazuki’s adventure remains intact despite all its brilliance: more details in Shenmue I & II’s review.

Metro Redux, our character explores the surface at night
Metro Redux, our character explores the surface at night

What else? Metro Redox (PS4, 5.99 Instead of 29.99) the redesigned version will allow you to get two better post apocalyptic shooters, while Assassin’s Creed: The Ezo Collection (PS4, 14.99 49.99 instead) will take you to Renaissance Italy, where you will be battling the adventures of the legendary assassin Ezio Auditor da France. A great dive into the past … in fact, a leap of hope.

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